Around the camping

Tourism, visits…


“Vattetot sur Mer beach” is accessible from our campsite by the GR21.


Seaside city of Yport is accessible from our campsite by the GR21.

Hiking on the GR 21

Family hiking safely on the GR 21 at the gate of the campsite and several hikes from the GR.


Rich in visits, with cape Fagnet, the wind farm from the top of its 110 meters, the Benedictine palace liqueur of alchemy since 1510, the Ducal palace or the aquatic center!


Unmissable majestic cliffs with breathtaking views.Find all the information on the Le Havre Etretat Normandie Tourisme website.

To see also: Etretat adventure, park of 6 hectares in 5 minutes of the camp-site.

Rail bike

The rail bike built on the old railway line between Les Loges and Etretat.

More touristic informations

Find all information on the website of the Office intercommunale de Fécamp

Normandy Secrets

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